Bodybuilder Goes Insane, Slaps Judge And Pulls “It” Out After Losing Competition

Competitions require a lot of practice and effort, no matter how easy or tough the level is. Be it games or any wrestling match, losing feels like a failure and gets to the heart of many. But, would you ever blame someone else for your loss? No, right? The other person who won might have struggled harder than the one who lost. So why be mad? This wrestler got mad at the judges and started doing insane acts.! Read the full post here to find out.

He had come quite close to winning a bodybuilding event in Greece several times in the past, he thought he would win. But, after finishing second, this competitor took out his rage on the judges. And then he thought that the judges haven’ been tortured enough so he pulled out his tool in front of them and showed. A bystander caught the outburst on video.

He was competing in the 2016 IFBB Diamond Cup in Athens, Greece and he had managed to win in the 100-kilogram division that weekend, but couldn’t get the overall title.

He had been a runner-up two other times in the event. But, he got devastated and paced to the table of judges and started berating them for not awarding him and lost his mind. He started screaming, “Yesterday I’m winner! Yesterday I winner! And today I get beat, how?” Then he started screaming at a smaller man who was one of the judges.

The insane strongman ran towards the judge, Armando Marquez of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness and gave him a strong open-hand hit on the face to which the man went flying and fell to the ground.

Now facing lifetime ban from competiton. Evolution Of Bodybuilding reported that he pulled out his manhood in front of IFBB President, Dr. Rafael Santonja. Now, the Greek guy would face lifetime ban from the competition.

“The IFBB Disciplinary Commission has open[ed] a file for the life suspension of the athlete Giannis Magkos, from Greece due to his disrespectful and aggressive behavior towards IFBB officials.” It further continued, ““The IFBB will not tolerate such manners, against ethic and sport principles, and strongly believes in the values of respect, fairness and goodwill.” And people and community are supporting the decision.

“There is no place for the actions that followed in any sport and especially in bodybuilding. Armando is a true gentleman to the sport of bodybuilding and is one of the hardest workers in the organization. The competitor that was involved in the incident should get the harshest penalty that the IFBB can give.”