Costumes Curvy Girls Are Told Not To Wear But Totally Should

Who's to say what you can or can't wear on Halloween? It's a holiday of people dressing up in costumes - that's the point of Halloween. It's fun and shouldn't have any judgement involved. Unfortunately for curvy girls out there, plenty of negative comments about basically any costume they wear on Halloween are absolutely unwarranted but, sadly, expected. Here are costumes curvy girls are told not to wear, but they totally should wear them anyway.

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Mermaid. The mythical beauty of the seas - why can't she be full-bodied and beautiful at the same time? We're talking about a fictional being that never existed, so who's to say what a mermaid looks like? Honestly, it doesn't matter because any girl dressing up as a mermaid is doing Halloween right… no matter what her size is.

Snow White. This iconic character has probably been on your mind for years and years. You're finally going to dress up like Snow White for Halloween, but people think you're too curvy for the character. Well, f*ck that. Do you and wear whatever you want. This goes for any Disney princess, by the way.

Minnie Mouse. She's a cartoon mouse, for the love of god! Why does it matter what size body her costume goes over? It's a cute costume that is sure to make any girl feel good, so make sure nobody f*cks up this moment for you. Plus, polka dot dresses are adorable.

Skeleton. Too many insensitive comments are going to be made about a curvy girl dressing up like a skeleton, but it's one of the easiest and, honestly, hottest Halloween costumes of all time. A full-body skeleton suit on a girl with curves? Yes, please.

Wonder Woman. There might be a lot of Wonder Women out their this year thanks to the new movies she's in, but that doesn't mean you need to shy away from the costume if you want to do it. Also, if you're a curvy girl, you're going to make that costume look hands-down amazing with your figure. Go for it!

Hippie. Let's just say that one of the biggest hippies of the hippie movement was a woman named Mama Cass - a plus-sized entertainer that was an incredible talent and sexy in her own right. What we're saying is that there's really no body type for hippies - nor should there be for women in general, but you know that.

Playboy Bunny. Some of the best Playboy Bunnies throughout the magazine's history were curvy girls - so why shouldn't you get the opportunity to be one on Halloween? You'll definitely be drawing plenty of thirsty glances in an outfit like this - so own it and work it!

Flapper. The roaring '20s were full of dancing, big band music, and the infamous flappers! They're one of the first big fashionistas of the 21st century, and body size should not hinder you from dressing up in a flawy dress, long necklaces and bobbed hair. It's just a fun costume for everyone.

Devil. Everyone likes a sexy devil costume, right? Why would someone give you grief for having a little fun with this throwback Halloween costume idea? Show off your devilish side no matter what some people are telling you about your body. We know the devil likes it!

Cleopatra. The Queen of the Nile was one of the most powerful women of all time, and you're going to rock the hell out of this outfit. Owning your curves in this outfit will surely turn plenty of heads and it might lead to some Halloween night hookups! This is straight-up sexy costume you should enjoy if you want to.

French Maid. Arguably the go-to "sexy" outfit is that of the French maid. If someone is telling you that you cannot dress up like a French maid for Halloween, they're basically saying you're not sexy. That's bullsh*t because you're obviously sexy and will feel even sexier in this costume.

Cavegirl. Ancient humans, or cave-people, were not skinny. Let's be clear about that. If anything, the more curvy a cavegirl was, the more attention she got and the easier she survived. So, if you decide on this costume, you can say that you're historically accurate - and also look damn fine.

Nurse. I don't know why someone would tell a woman not to dress up like a nurse. It's like the biggest role-play fetish out there, and now you get to see it on Halloween! Get into it, get naughty with it, and enjoy your costume no matter what the haters are saying.

Anything you want. We hope you get the underlying point we're trying to make: where whatever costume you'd like to wear. Don't let other people tell you that your body isn't right for a Halloween costume because it's straight-up insane to think that. Have fun, look cute, go party. Happy Halloween!