The Way You Orgasm, Based On Your Zodiac

The Way You Orgasm, Based On Your Zodiac

We may all orgasm, but that's not to say we all do it in the same way. Like any other approach to something in life, some of us are quieter, some of us are more intense and some of us are very middle-of-the-road. Though orgasming may not seem like the most significant topic, let alone how you orgasm, it actually matters a great deal. Orgasming reveals us at our most pure. We're not holding back. We can't hold back. Our brains more or less shut down, and we're slaves to our carnal sensations. So whether or not you think sex is as significant as it really is, keep reading to find out the way your orgasm, based on your Zodiac.


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Aries. You have an orgasm on par with someone who's been studying and practicing tantric preservation (so, basically, you're like the God of orgasms). You’re so efficient with building up your sexual appetite, without releasing it on every urge, that when it finally is released, it’s borderline unreal.

Taurus. You have a generous orgasm. That isn’t to say that you “unload” a generous amount of bodily fluid, but that you don’t blow your load until your partner does. Basically, you don’t just orgasm with your genitals, you orgasm with your heart.

Cancer. You’re loud and borderline whiny when you orgasm. All of the self-respect you’ve been vying for all your life goes out the window once you reach your moment of climax. To be honest, if someone was listening from outside the room, they’d think you were crying…

Virgo. Your orgasms as quiet as they come. If you try your best, you just might be able to get through this experience without letting anyone know — even your partner. Your moans are muted. Your spasms are sparse. When you orgasm, you go for the minimalist approach.

Leo. You orgasm as though you couldn’t be happier or more thankful. You know how movies make orgasms pretty stereotypical (the character is screaming, “Yes! Yes! Yes!)? Well, they may as well have based that reaction off of you. So, in a way, you’ve kind of got a Hollywood orgasm.

Sagittarius. Your orgasm happens, but no one ever seems to notice. It’s not that you can’t deliver in the bedroom, it’s just that your body doesn’t make much of a fuss over it. You banged. You came. There’s no reason, in your opinion, to make it a global headline.

Libra. You’ve got the James Bond of O-faces. Even though most people look like they’re having something just short of a seizure when they orgasm, you make it look damn good. There’s something understatedly cool about the way you come, and it has a lot to do with your natural charm.

Scorpio. You have an aggressive, almost angry orgasm. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to you, seeing as this is typically your behavior with most passion-driven pastimes you take part in. You’re a natural firecracker, so when you’re “lighting it up” in the bedroom, everyone’s more than aware.

Gemini. Every time you orgasm, it’s as though you’re doing it for the first time. Your body just loses itself. When it happens, it’s like the most pleasant surprise. Your body just shuts down and revels in the splendor of your orgasmic intoxication.

Aquarius. Your orgasm is anything but shy. When you’re having a good time, you try to extend the fun for as long as you can. So, especially considering that an orgasm is essentially the end of the road, you like to go out with a bang.

Pisces. You’ve got the sativa-high equivalent of an orgasm. It’s very heady and intense, and it’s channeling the deepest sectors of your mind. Like an unplanned road trip, don’t be surprised if you lose yourself in your orgasm.

Capricorn. You orgasm in the same way someone clocks out of work. You did your job, you sweated your sweat… now it’s time to seal the deal. Efficiency is your middle name, so keeping the passion out of this moment as best you can is going to make the experience all the more satisfying for your pragmatic tastes.