10+ People Who Didn’t Check The Background And Posted The Worst Selfie Fails Online

10+ People Who Didn’t Check The Background And Posted The Worst Selfie Fails Online

If there is no picture there isn’t really a proof of something happening, right? Exactly! No matter what the occasion you will see a lot of people snapping away pictures of their friends and family over phone. You will also see an awful lot of people taking their own selfies. But do we ever really think about what might be in the background of our selfies? The following pictures will make you think twice before you take that next selfie you were planning on.

When the friend who was not invited to the slumber party photobombed the group’s picture must have been followed by one awkward confrontation.

The time when the village captured a snake but didn’t quite make sure if it was dead before they decided to take a group photo with it. Ouch!

They say once it’s on the internet it is there forever. We wonder what his kids will say one day when they come across this picture of their dad’s making its rounds on the internet.

Once you go swimming in the sea be prepared to be mistaken for bait. Maybe the shark was mad because he wasn’t invited for a selfie by the intrusive stranger in its own home.

Think before you post, maybe?

Always make sure you have made friends with the locals before you start snapping away. Lesson learnt the hard way.

They say there is a time and place for everything. They say it for people like these friends. Not cool girls, not cool!

What the..?

The world needs a little less of these pictures already. Is this a trend that we have been missing out on?

What we would really like to know here is what the officer did after this picture was taken?

Nan would be so displeased, Casey.

Umm, maybe put out the fire first and then snap? Just saying, lives could be at stake here!

What the fudge?

Parents these days got me like.

Was this on purpose or was it the wrong place and the wrong time?

Did she seriously not notice that?

Mind blown!!!!

Mind blown!!!!

Let’s hope the apple falls far, far away from the tree.

Parenting goals!!!!

Sweetie, no!