How To Kiss Like A Pro, According To Science

Everyone has their own quirks and techniques when it comes to kissing. Along with that there are plenty of people with widely different skill levels out there. Here is the science to help you kiss like a pro!

For when you’re kissing men, research has shown that men prefer wetter kisses with more tongue, so don’t be afraid to get a little sloppy.

For when you’re kissing women, research has found that the number one complaint about bad kissing from women is too much tongue, so reel that guy back in a bit.

This can be because women’s mouths are usually smaller than men’s mouths and a man’s tongue can feel overwhelming in a lady’s mouth.

Listen to how your partner is breathing.

Studies find that couples find kissing more enjoyable when their breaths are synced and they match in tempo.

Studies have found that 59% or men and 66% of women have confessed to ending a relationship due to someone being a bad kisser.

Women depend heavily on taste and smell, so if you’re trying to lock lips with a lady, make sure you’re minty fresh.

53% of women also prefer a clean shaven man because men with unruly facial hair can cause facial rashes on women when kissing.

96% of women reported that their favorite spot to be kissed other than the lips is on the neck.

However, only 10% of men reported favoring neck kissing.

Also, women don’t like repetitiveness. If you start to kiss like a machine repeating itself, she’ll get bored.

Surveys have shown that men like when women take the lead.

So ladies, don’t be too shy to make the first move!

Also, make sure you're in tip-top health! When you kiss, you exchange almost 80 million germ, and if you've got good bacteria, that person’s body is going to want more of that kiss.

So pucker up and get to kissing like a pro!